Small Wild Cat Project

Enhancing the conservation of the endangered fishing cat through community outreach and empowerment in the Eastern Ghats of South India

The project envisages developing a comprehensive understanding of the biogeographical distribution of the fishing cat in the Eastern Ghats region of South India and the implications of various human-induced activities on its survival through ecological niche modeling, camera trapping, signs & tracks survey, structured interviews with locals and documentation of historical records. Another major component of the project involves promoting awareness among local people living in towns/villages near fishing cat habitats and positively engaging them in conservation efforts by capacity-building measures not only to monitor fishing cat populations but also document any threats to their survival in unprotected/unclassified forest areas.


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This project is generously supported by Wild Oasis, Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation, Mohammed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, Idea Wild and Cameras 4 Conservation.