Enhancing the conservation of the endangered fishing cat through community outreach and empowerment in the Eastern Ghats of South India

The Eastern Ghats along south India’s east coast region hold several wetland habitats potentially favorable for the endangered fishing cat to inhabit. The aim of the project is to identify various human-induced threats to the survival of fishing cats in this region and address these threats via appropriate interventions as well as engaging local communities in conservation of wetlands.


King Cobra conservation in the North Eastern Ghats.

The king cobra or hamadryad (Ophiophagus hannah) is the world’s longest venomous snake and being apex predator, they are indicative of the health of herpetofauna of the region.

Indiscriminate killings of King Cobras and many other snakes species at an alarming rate in the Eastern Ghats of India due to fear and ignorance is a serious threat to the species which might lead to local extirpation if left unattended. This project aims at building capacity within the local communities through educational interventions in order to transform them into empowered citizens who could eventually deal with human-snake interactions more effectively and also assist in conservation of snake fauna in Eastern Ghats.


Conservation Outreach

We believe that raising awareness and educating public about environment and wildlife is the key to conservation. We carry out number of education programs, school competitions, awareness talks, lectures and workshop to varied group such as students, teachers, general public and local residents throughout the year on various issues pertaining to wildlife conservation and environment protection.